Delightful Word Stumbled Upon Today: Gnomic

Trump Styled CatLately I’ve reflected on how the 2016 campaign has afforded the opportunity to revive many delightful and rarely-used entries from my Spreadsheet of Unusual Words Found (yes, I actually collect these) to describe the presumed GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Words like despicable. Bloviate. Mendacity. Truculent. Grifter. Unctuous. The man is such an incredible piece of work that I find it difficult to believe there are still a few who profess to not see through the media facade to the bedrock meglomania that motivates his all. Is it because he is a showman? Is it because they’ve seen him on TV?

Today I stumbled upon a word that helps identify the phenomenon of Trump: gnomic. By the way, this gnomic is actually nothing to do with those Harry Potter creatures flung across the garden, although if I could fling Trump I would in a heartbeat, it’s related to the word-root of knowing.  Today I also learned that a gnome is also a synonym for aphorism,  a meaning I don’t recall encountering in 50+ years of serious reading, so I’ve fallen behind or read too much Tolkien and Martin. So many books, so little time.



1. Relating to a gnome (an aphorism or a pithy saying).
2. Puzzling, ambiguous, or incomprehensible yet seemingly profound.

From Greek gnome (judgment, opinion), from gignoskein (to know). Ultimately from the Indo-European root gno- (to know), which also gave us knowledge, prognosis, ignore, narrate, normal, and gnomon. Earliest documented use: 1815.

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Inkenheimer is a writer, designer, smart-ass Boomer, kitchen witch extraordinaire, and ultimately a dreamer who believes that life is so much better when you live inside your head. She resides with her family in beautiful Michigan, land of four seasons and great lakes. For fun she cooks and bakes, designs jewelry for the Vanity Review Emporium, watches movies, and collects unusual words.
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