Perhaps There is a God, After All

Terrific Tuesday Tale:
We set out in search of strawberries on this afternoon of dreary rain, and spent an inordinate amount of time stuck in a construction back-up on I-94. (You know what I mean, you’ve been there–just change the highway number.) It was tedious creeping, then stopping, then creeping toward the merge, lots of big slow rigs maneuvering like dinosaurs, and lined up behind us was a Van Buren County animal control vehicle. As we approached our exit, suddenly, missing us by inches on the right, a hotshot scofflaw with Illinois plates came blasting through on the gravel shoulder, doing at least 50 and BAM — the animal control vehicle hits its lights and guns it around us after the asshole, and we now see its driver is a uniformed county brownie. As we proceeded along the exit ramp, there was the deputy, leaning into the FIP’s window with his pad out. Best laugh of the month so far. Perhaps there is a God after all. Time to make jam with the most heavenly berries in the world, Michigan strawberries. (But first, I think, a daquiri.) The Best Strawberries Make The Best Strawberry Jam


About inkenheimer

Inkenheimer is a writer, designer, smart-ass Boomer, kitchen witch extraordinaire, and ultimately a dreamer who believes that life is so much better when you live inside your head. She resides with her family in beautiful Michigan, land of four seasons and great lakes. For fun she cooks and bakes, designs jewelry for the Vanity Review Emporium, watches movies, and collects unusual words.
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One Response to Perhaps There is a God, After All

  1. Rob says:

    Sometimes there IS justice!

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