Today’s Lists

-cats and dogs
-historical fiction
-velvet on skin
-watching the sun set
-lilacs to look at, freesia to smell
-white wine

-dirty dishwater
-price tags
-turn signals blinking endlessly
-algebra II
-spiders in the house
-religious proselytizers at the door
-sore back, sore knees, sore feet
-virtually all YouTube comments (How do you turn down the stupid?)
-knots and tangles to undo

No, No, 1000 Times No
-Account Services or Card Services (or whatever those scammers are calling themselves this week) claiming they can lower my credit card interest rates.
-Ted Nugent.

-Why can one glass or dish from a set resist breaking for ages? I have a couple of orphan super-glasses that have survived easily 30 years of use beyond their long-broken set-mates.
-When your power goes out, why does the electric company ask you to go online to report it? Don’t they realize there are a few of us dinosaurs out here still plugged into a power strip?
-Why does tipping still exist? Just pay those people a decent wage and charge me what it costs to do business with you, like everybody else.
-Why don’t they fix the bridges in the road at the same time they fix the road?
-Why doesn’t the spell-checker here recognize “paleoanthropology”?
-Seriously, why the enormous tires on trucks?
-If I’m so smart, why ain’t I rich?


About inkenheimer

Inkenheimer is a writer, designer, smart-ass Boomer, kitchen witch extraordinaire, and ultimately a dreamer who believes that life is so much better when you live inside your head. She resides with her family in beautiful Michigan, land of four seasons and great lakes. For fun she cooks and bakes, designs jewelry for the Vanity Review Emporium, watches movies, and collects unusual words.
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